FluentDate PHP Class

Format PHP dates with ease. You don't have to Google the format string each time. Use plain English to set the format, almost as you pronounce it.

Laravel Intended Redirects

How and when to use Laravel's hidden gem - Intended Redirect

Errors flood when restarting Ubuntu with Laravel Horizon

How to fix wrong shutdown sequence of Supervisor, Laravel Horizon and Redis on Ubuntu Server

Laravel loves cPanel, kinda

How to host a Laravel application on a shared hosting with cPanel. A fairytale for cronjobs.

Installing Nginx with GeoIP2 on Ubuntu

Build nginx from source with GeoIP2 module and block specific countries to access a website or make country-specific domain redirects.

Depy - Simple and nearly dependency free deployment tool

Bash based deployment tool for zero downtime website deployment and instant rollbacks in case of emergency.

Bootstrap 4 Font Sizes

Bootstrap 4.* font sizes SCSS mixin for generating font classes with responsive breakpoints.

MySQL Dump Databases

Dump all MySQL databases from a server in separate files.

Git Large Files and Git Remove History

Tools to find large files in git and delete them from the history.