# MySQL Dump Databases

MySQL Dump Databases

Sometimes you may need to export all databases from a MySQL server but each database to be in a separate file. You can easily do this with a few lines of code but why should you remember how to do it every time? Well since I do not want to remember it I created a small script called mysqldumpdbs (opens new window) that does that. Dump all MySQL databases from a server in separate files.

You simply have to run the script ./mysqldumpdbs.bash. It will ask you the following questions:

Do you want to gzip the export [Y/n]: 
MySQL host: 
MySQL user: 
MySQL pass:

Once the information is provided you will have all databases exporeted in separate files and optionally gzipped. Also you will see a message of how to import them easily. Again you don't have to Google it every time. The tool says what you should do.


# Shortcuts

I thought you may not want to clone the repository locally and will want to run the script with a single command so I created shortcut link to the script and with the following commands you can directly execute it in your terminal.

# wget

bash <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ivandokov/mysqldumpdbs/master/mysqldumpdbs.bash)

# curl

bash <(curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ivandokov/mysqldumpdbs/master/mysqldumpdbs.bash)
May 17, 2019